There is no InventSAI Scam

Since 1994, InventSAI's professional staff of patent attorneys, engineers, and marketing specialists has been assisting individual inventors with their inventions. During that timeframe, we have been approached by more than 500,000 hopeful inventors.

InventSAI strives for 100% Customer Satisfaction. This is a challenge when dealing with the volume of inventors that we talk to regularly. Out of all of the inventors that have contacted InventSAI, we are only aware of a handful of anonymous complaints that are not even by confirmed InventSAI clients.

Posters on Ripoff Report and other similar sites are simply attempts from the posters and the site themselves to extort money from InventSAI. The sites will never take false claims of InventSAI being a scam off of their site. All comments made on the complaints or reviews to defend our position are pushed to the bottom of the website and improve the search rankings in Google which only makes matters worse.

Ripoff Report is Online Extortion

The internet has opened a new era of "Bathroom Wall" journalism aimed at attacking companies' and individuals' reputations. InventSAI has been on the receiving end of a handful of unprovoked attacks by people posing as disgruntled clients and alleging that the Pittsburgh area based company of 18 years is a scam. None of the posts are from confirmed InventSAI clients.

InventSAI strongly encourages serious inventors to be informed when reading online, anonymous postings on online complaint sites. Comments alleging that InventSAI is a scam never go away, even if proven to be false or without merit, unless the ripoff complaint site is paid huge upfront money and monthly fees.

Read and decide if this is Extortion

Here is their unprofessional attempt to solicit "protection money" from InventSAI:

See full text of Ripoff Report's extortion offer »

In our opinion, this is simply a new form of legal online extortion and the real reason that these posts never get removed or checked for accuracy or authenticity. The ripoff complaint website would prefer that readers believe that a company is a scam so that company will pony up large sums of money to essentially have the posts removed. Because the ripoff complaints are completely anonymous, there is nothing from stopping unscrupulous competitors or even the site itself from making the scam postings themselves.

The ripoff complaint sites are there for one reason only and that is to extort money from companies using the First Amendment as a shield. They have no interest in helping consumers or they would remove these false scam postings from their site.

There are numerous blog postings that backup our feelings about this form of unethical bathroom wall journalism. Here are just a few:

InventSAI strives for 100% customer satisfaction. Mistakes may happen from time to time as we are all human. When these occur, InventSAI urges people to contact them directly or even publicly on their active blog or Facebook account so issues can be resolved immediately to their satisfaction.

Statistics on InventSAI's success rate are always available for view on our website through a link called InventSAI Inventors Disclosure. Before contracting with InventSAI, this information is shared with every client so they know and understand the effort and expectations associated with bringing a product to market. We also post success stories and testimonials on our site for review and to get a more balanced look at what you will find on the internet.

The information contained here is the opinion of a businessman on the scam website Ripoff Report

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